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Meet Valerie, Founder and Owner of The H.I.M. Blueprint For Success!


I knew very early on that I wanted to pursue a career in Healthcare. I wanted job security and nothing that dealt with direct hands on patient care. So Health Information Technology was my choice. I've been in the healthcare industry since 2005, assisting health care organizations receive proper compensation for services provided. Since the start of my journey in Health Information Management I've accomplished the following:


  • Worked in several roles such as Health Information Specialist, Unit Secretary, Office Manager - Home Health Care Agency and Sr. Patient Service Coordinator
  • Increased my salary by 300% utilizing the "The RACA Method" for resumes
  • Promoted to high level positions such as Revenue Cycle Manager, Revenue Integrity Specialist - DC Government and Revenue Integrity Coding Analyst utilizing the ICAD-PAL method
  • Recovered over Six Figures in missed revenue for several large health care organizations utilizing the ICAD-PAL method
  • Creator of "The RACA Method", ICAD-PAL method, "The H.I.M. Blueprint for Success Masterclass" and "The Ultimate H.I.M. Job Search Strategy + LinkedIn Masterclass"
  • Co-Founder a hair extensions/wig company that helps women suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions purchase wigs utilizing health insurance benefits!



Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many patients on an intimate level about their personal struggles. One of the many issues discussed were hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, brain surgery, and other chronic health care conditions.  Patients expressed feelings of concern about whether or not their hair would grow back, self-esteem issues and just not feeling like themselves. I was able to apply my skills in Health Insurance, Coverage & Benefits, Coding, LCD's and NCD's to create a process to assist women with purchasing wigs utilizing their health insurance benefits. 


I've accomplished this all in the past 16 years. However, my career really didn't take off until AFTER I obtained the RHIT credential. I really wish I had someone to guide me along the way in the beginning. I feel as though I would've achieved my goals much sooner.


Nonetheless, it's my mission to help H.I.M. professionals “Think Outside The Box” and achieve success as well in the Healthcare Industry!


Welcome to the Family, 

Valerie Page, RHIT