5 Overlooked Industries for Health Information Management Professionals

5 Overlooked Industries for Health Information Management Professionals


One of the biggest mistakes Health Information Management professionals make with their job search is only seeking employment with traditional employers such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, etc., leaving uncharted territory and hundreds of job opportunities undiscovered. In this article, I reveal five industries/sectors where Health Information Management professionals can build successful careers. 


What is Health Information Management ?

You may be wondering what the Health Information Management (HIM) industry is? It is the analysis and protection of digital and traditional medical information. By doing so, health professionals are able to provide efficient and quality patient care. Due to the large expansion within the healthcare industry, Health Information Specialists have become vital to the success in expanding and creating a more streamlined and protected process on how we share patient's health information and how patients have access to that information. Registered Health Information Technicians specialize in planning the systems that patients’ information can be accessed from. They develop the policies and procedures and work to identify information trends through data that has been collected past, present, or future. They maintain strong ethical practices and apply what they’ve collected for the needs of any administrative, legal or professional in health care delivery. 


Is Health Information Management a good career choice?

Now you may be thinking, is Health Information Management a career choice for me, and if so, how do I get in? Or you already may have a career within the industry but may not be aware of other lucrative opportunities that are available to you. You'd be surprised how easy it can be to write a Health Information Management resume with no experience in this industry. But let's break down a couple of health information management jobs that require a minimum of an Associate’s degree that will get you started as a Health Information Management professional. 


Health Information Management Jobs

Credentialing Specialist Verify providers professional training, certifications and licensing, which need to be renewed periodically, are up to date and in compliance with state and federal regulations. The average salary for this job is $41,870 with a yearly salary range of $37,626-$47,322. Opportunities of advancement include Credentialing Coordinator, Credentialing Supervisor and Credentialing Manager. 

HIM Clerks – Ensure data integrity, chart preparations, and quality control. Salary ranges between $57,094-$64,778 and the average salary being $60,863. With the proper certifications, HIM Clerks can advance into Health Information Techs, Coding Professionals, HIM Manager, Compliance Trainer or even a Coding Manager. With these expanded job roles, there would also be a salary increase. 

As you increase your level of education, training, additional skills, and tenure, your roles and responsibilities would increase as well as your salary to reflect that. Here are a couple of jobs that require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree:

Health Information Management Manager – Your sole purpose is to maintain and secure patient records and data. You must make sure that you are always current on new technology, healthcare platforms, healthcare compliance laws, trends, and data accuracy. With less than one year of experience, you can earn as much as $51,094 a year. However, the average HIM Manager earns about $91,301 yearly with a salary range between $79,802 and $114,492. 

Clinical Documentation Specialist – This job offers a wide variety of job duties that you can expect such as managing clinical and trial & service documents, medical charts, and maintaining quality and accuracy amongst doctors, nurses, medical coders, and all other healthcare staff. The average salary for a Clinical Documentation Specialist is $83,378 with a salary range of $76,949-$90,186 a year. 

Please keep in mind that salary can vary based on education, years of experience and location.

Now that we have established some entry to mid-level careers you can have as a Health Information Management professional, here are the 5 industries that can utilize the expertise and benefits of an HIM professional. 

Network Management

In this field you are managing and administering computer network services to different health job companies such as UnitedHealth Group, the second-largest health care company in the world. United Health not only offers health products but also insurance products, therefore an HIM Manager or Revenue Cycle Manager would thrive within this company.  You would be able to apply your expertise in collecting patient data, verifying insurance coverage, and securing patient records. Your knowledge of up-to-date technology trends, health software/platforms, and maintaining accurate data within the health compliance laws will increase team accuracy, drive sales and offer a deeper level of breadth and depth to the customer base. 

Consumer Reporting Agencies

Did you know Experian Health serves more than 60% of U.S. Hospitals ? Yes! Experian...the credit reporting agency! Experian collects a range of data from various creditors and provide that information along with background checks to those who have the ability to approve you for loans, credit cards, etc. They also partner with thousands of providers for revenue cycle management, identity management, patient engagement and care management solutions. The opportunities are plentiful so check out Experian Health career board!


Law Firms

There is more to the law that operates on a larger scale than most HIM’s are not aware that their talents can be used. Lawsuits are very common when it comes to accidental injuries on the job, car accidents, or even medical accidental injuries during routine checkups and/or surgeries.  Law Firms, such as the Consumer Attorney Marketing Group are one company that can assist with getting you into the law industry by doing medical research, medical document retrieval, or following up on insurance claims. A particular HIM specialist that can thrive here is HIM Clerks or Clinical Documentation Specialists.

Cosmetic Surgery

When you think of cosmetic surgery you don’t equate that to a Health Information Management professional, but the rise in cosmetic enhancements as well as reductions requires the most detailed and thorough specialist. A Patient Coordinator would be the ideal candidate. You are a highly skilled individual in patient documentation, multi-tasking, scheduling, detailed oriented as well as registration set up. You communicate effectively and are at the apex of person-to-person contact. Being the first POC (point of contact) for new and established patients you are the face of the business or company leaving a lasting transformative experience for the patient(s). A Patient Coordinator can earn an average of $41,591 and has a salary range between $37,136 to $47,012.

State Government Agencies





If you have a desire to enter into public service work then working with a government agency would be an ideal career for you. Each state has a department of health that offers a wide range of services to aid its citizens in attaining the best life possible. Resources can range from health care information, health jobs to food and housing security. For example, Arizona offers improvement and protection through wellness and health programs to enrich the lives of the people.  Arizona’s State Dept of Health is looking for a Program Specialist who will drive results by having great interpersonal skills, being teachable, flexible, detailed oriented, customer focused, solutions driven and can thrive in a multicultural atmosphere. The average income earned for this particular role would be $80,894 and have a salary range from

$65,152 to $96,451. 

Now that you understand or have learned somewhat about being a Health Information Management professional, certain requirements and education needed along with a few jobs you can attain, what’s stopping you from claiming your next career? Nothing! Be patient. Plan, prepare, and execute as you are starting out or elevating to the next level in your career. Everything you need is already on the inside of you. Tap into that source and be intentional about your next steps. Remember your “why” and allow that to lead you as you enter the next phase of your career in Health Information Management.


All salary listings can be viewed on www.salary.com.


Exploring different industries and applying for jobs will eventually lead to an interview. Read the ultimate interview guide 10 interview preparation tips for H.I.M. professionals to prepare for the big day. 


My recommendation for Health Information Management & Technology Job Seekers


If you feel as though job opportunities are limited in healthcare, expand your job search. Seek opportunities outside of traditional workplace locations for H.I.M. professionals. The need for Health Information Management professionals is all around us virtually in any industry you can think of. From beauty, law firms, consumer reporting agencies, and more! Your next job opportunity is waiting on you. You just have to find it and show up!


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